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Welcome to thedrewcrew, your first and only LJ community for the Canadian Idol contestant, Drew Wright. This is a community created for Drew fans and is run by Drew fans. This community is here to continue along with Drew's success, both on Idol and after Idol.

01. Please have respect for Drew, the members, and the other contestants. Saying you don't like the other contestants is fine, but please don't rant on-and-on about how much want to kill them.
02. Please place spoilers behind a cut. Just because the show has aired in your timezone does not mean it has for other timezones.
03. Please tag all of your entries. Currently, only mods and maintainers can create tags, but all members are able to add tags. If there is not a tag and think there should be one, please let one of us know in the entry.
04. If it's within ten minutes of the show's airing and a discussion post has not yet been created by a mod or fellow member, feel free to create one.
05. Have fun!

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